About me

I am Atanas Atanasov, a senior JavaScript TypeScript Engineer with more than 10 years of professional experience in the web development industry.

I was working in an outsourcing company in the beginning of my career. For almost 6 years I mastered the front-end development, created thousands of projects (which I can’t share unfortunately).

I also participated in creating, maintaining, implementing and teaching of the internal coding standards in the company.

Right before I left l, I created and taught the front-end build tool which is now used in hundreds of thousands of project for clients from all over the globe. This build tool helps the developers work fast by simplifying a lot of repetitive tasks and optimizing the developer experience.

I the early 2018 I joined the company in which I work today – Three11. Here we are a small but strong and unique team which is focused on providing the best possible user experience utilizing modern and most recent technologies.

Now I am the lead front-end developer in the E.ON Home project – a large international IoT project aiming to provide intelligent solutions for home energy management.

I am also part of the top 3% developers in the world at Toptal’ and a founding member at Braintrust’.

When I am not busy developing client projects, I like to contribute to the open source community by creating tools and libraries which help developers achieve their goals quickly.

You can take a look at my Github profile for more details about my open source projects.